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Dont be shy, or worried. We are established and have been hosting kink for many years. If you have any requests, or questions, please ask. We wont be shocked.

Email address is

Phone number is 07359 323491 Email First!

How do I book a One2One session?

We would love you to book a session. Dont be embarassed or shy. Your not alone in your Kink ! Please Email us initially at outlining your fantasy session. Once we have exchanged emails, you can ring us on our kink phone number (normal phone, and normal charges) to discuss things further. Please dont ring without having emailed and our reply first.

Sessions are confirmed by our Email. We will need your email address to send you the card payment link for the tribute deposit. We do this because we spend time preparing for sessions and we dont want them wasted.

Our Email address is

Our Phone number is 07359 323491 Email first!