What is Carberrys?

Carberys is a large Victorian house. Previously a hotel.

It has disabled access to the ground floor, and to the toilets, Lounge and 2 Play Rooms. Assistance is willingly given to access the lower ground floor (4 steps).


Present Facilities are:

  • Hallway meet and greet Reception area
  • Lounge social area / Drinks
  • Nanny-M’s Happy2Nappy Nursery, cot room, playroom and changing/bathroom
    Dungeon (One2One play)
  • Dungeon / Large Play Room
  • BDSM Spanking room
  • Dark Room
  • Cell
  • Medical/Doctors room (one 2 one play)
  • 3 Swinger/kink play rooms.
  • 2 Play rooms
  • Private play rooms (for one to one)
  • 12 Ensuite bedrooms for private play or B&B
  • Outside covered smokers area. (Cold in winter!)
  • Professional kitchen