Hello! A warm welcome from KinktasticUK

If you are new to Kink, or just a bit nervous, dont worry anymore.

We are friendly and chilled, and so are our private One2One Play Sessions, and Parties. Everything is fun and social. No one has to play. You can make REAL friends at KinktasticUK events.

Kinktastic exists to give our LGBT+ and Straight and Kink friends and communities a safe friendly environment, for fun and social times.

We promote safe sex, and offer free condoms, lube etc for our visitors, via The Terrance Higgins Trust.

Norfolk Domme

KinktasticUK – Who are we?

KinktasticUK is not a big faceless thing. We are just 2 people.

We are MaryC and Maria (Nanny-M) and together we are KinktasticUK.

Our Head Maid is Jane (from Mrs Silk), and we have Undermaids and others who help us when required.

Together we have 25 years experience of the Kink Fetish Scene.

MaryC (Transwomen) House Domme

Areas of play are:-

Gay/Bi Males/Females, Transgender, Straight, BDSM, Spanking, Flogging, Canning, humlilation, School, Role Play, Auntie Mary, and more.

Maria (Cis Female) House Domme

Areas of play are:-

Sissy Trainer, Transwoman makeovers/dressing,Disiplinarian, BDSM, CBT, Role Play, and more.

Web Site :- www.happy2nappy.com

Nanny-M (Cis Female) AB/Littles Nanny

Nanny, ABDL, Nursery, Littles, Littles School, Little Muffets Infant School and more.

Norfolk Mistress